Canyon Meadows NZ-7332

Welcome to Canyon Meadows: Your Premier Golf Experience

We look forward to your visit to the club. In anticipation of your upcoming round, we want to provide you with a brief overview of some of our club’s policies and expectations.

Arrival Protocol

As you approach the grounds of Canyon Meadows, kindly direct your vehicle towards the bag drop located at the north end of our parking lot. A simple press of the doorbell will summon our attentive bag service staff to assist you. After parking, we invite you to visit the golf shop for a seamless check-in process. Please note, Canyon Meadows proudly operates as a cashless facility.

Dress Code

To ensure a respectful and sophisticated atmosphere, we ask that you adhere to our dress code:

Slacks and Shorts

We welcome golf slacks and tailored shorts, akin to those available in our Pro Shop. Shorts should have a minimum 6-inch inseam. Ladies may wear tailored dresses, skirts, or shorts that fall between mid-thigh and the kneecap. Please refrain from wearing cargo-style slacks or shorts.

Golf Shirts and Tops

Gentlemen are required to wear collared shirts (including mock necks), with Polo styles tucked in. Button-down golf shirts may be worn untucked if they are buttoned from collar to hem and feature an even hem. Ladies may wear collared shirts (including mock necks) and/or sleeved tops.


While tasteful denim is permitted within the Clubhouse, we ask that it be free from rips or stonewashed effects. Denim is not suitable for the golf course, including during Stampede Week.

Clubhouse Attire

Sundresses, formal, and semi-formal wear are embraced within the Clubhouse. We prohibit sweat suits, gym wear, spandex, and any clothing bearing offensive slogans. Midriffs should remain covered.


Headwear is not permitted in the Dining Room or Spike Lounge, with exceptions made for medical reasons.

Technology Etiquette

We encourage a tranquil environment; please set your mobile devices to silent upon arrival. Conversations on mobile devices are reserved for the golf course and parking lot areas, not within the clubhouse. Bluetooth speakers are allowed, provided the volume is respectful of others.

Dining Delights

Indulge in our snack bar and main clubhouse dining areas during your visit. As a reminder, our facility is cashless.

Locker Room Facilities

Our locker rooms are at your disposal for your pre and post-golfing convenience. Guest lockers are available upon request.

Pace of Play

We value everyone’s time and enjoyment; thus, each group is expected to complete their round in 4 hours or less, keeping pace with the group ahead.

Location and Access

Canyon Meadows is situated at the intersection of 14th Street and Canyon Meadows Drive. Due to ongoing city works on these roads, we recommend allowing additional travel time to the club.

We deeply appreciate your cooperation with our club’s traditions and are here to assist with any inquiries you may have. Please reach out to the Golf Shop at (403) 281-1188 for further assistance. We wish you a safe journey and eagerly anticipate your arrival at Canyon Meadows, where a memorable golfing experience awaits.